TTTISM Volume 4 – Cover 3 (Hungry)

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"TTTISM Volume 4 looks towards the upcoming generation of tattoo artists, to assess how the culture is changing in an increasingly fluid world. More explicitly pursuing a vision to engage and intertwine tattooing with the wider multi-disciplinary spheres of contemporary art, fashion and design - as well as the social and ethnographical considerations that are bound in these industries - the forthcoming volume intersects worlds that, unfortunately, often remain on parallel trajectories.

Contributors include paradise, Dr. Woo, Good Times Charlie, Stephanie Tamez, Nicola Formichetti, BJ Betts, C.W. Eldridge, PrisciliaVanB, Alma Proenca, Darby Lahger, Førtifem, Ruco , Vanpira (Van Priegonova), Joe Chatt, Charline Bataille, Javier Betancourt, Mambo Tattooer, JULIUS_7, Charlotte Chanler Russell (Tack), Johannes Jaruraak / Hungry, Kro Vargas, Herman Deviashin and Oleg Parfenov, Ivy Isley, Fabrice Cokney, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Jean-Luc Verna, Elle Camino, Valentin Zhmodikov, Seraphina Woon, Maxime Ballesteros, Alexander Peli, and many more. Please feel free to specify your preferred cover in the notes section at check out. However, whilst we aim to accommodate all cover requests, please note that this is subject to stock levels and therefore we cannot always guarantee your request will be fulfilled."

Publisher: TTTISM
Designer: Hubertus Design
Language: English
Pages: 352 pp
Size: 28 x 20 cm
Binding: Perfect