TTTISM Volume 2 - Cover 2

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TTTism Issue #2 continues to explore tattooing as a definitive art form and means of self-expression, featuring a variety of individuals with unique relationships to tattoo culture, each with their own thought-provoking story to tell.

Paradise, Rich Hardy, Cheyenne Sawyer, Australian Tattoo History, Kane Trubenbacher, Nissaco, Stephane Devidal, Morgann Delauné, David Schiesser, Jeremy Ross Armstrong, Servadio, Charline Bataille, Shannon Perry, Boone Naka, Lewisink, Francois Sagat, Gordoletters, Gerhard Wiesbeck, Lee Knight, Framacho Silva, Sway, Kane Trubenbacher, Pierroked, Jim Little, sally, Si Si Oui Oui, Hugh Sheldon, Abby Drielsma, zumiism, Snodgrass, Silo Tattooist, OKO, Lausanne Tattoo Convention, Art Brut, Vincent van de Waal, ratteface, Damir Doma, cosmicliz, NSDOS, Nicholas Koshkosh, Eve Salvail, Coco & Breezy, Mike Nouveau, Sean Risley, Song For The Mute, Adam Katz Sinding, Dusan Reljin, Eloise! Campbell, Jeanne Buchi, Giulia Bersani, Hope Plescia-Buchi, Yana Davydova, Sebastien Repond, and many more.

Size: 20 x 28 mm
Pages: 320 pp
Release date: October 2017