Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today...

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Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today... on available vinyl variants.

24 pt Reverse Board Gatefold Jacket
Black Poly Lined inner sleeve
Reimagined and recovered artwork by Taylor Bates
Mixed and Mastered by Jamie King


*Please order vinyl and soft good SEPARATELY. There will be no bundles or shipping discounts. All these items are in different levels of production, so when the first Glass Casket vinyl arrives, we will be shipping them out immediately. We don't have the luxury of large facilities or shipping discounts.

*Please don't email/contact us about shipping/handling costs. The cost of shipping and handling continues to go up because of rising postage and packaging material prices.

*Test presses are here already for all 3 releases, and expect vinyl to ship around May. More updates coming soon.

*These are digital mock ups and except the final product to be even more unique and gorgeous when they arrive.