Foehammer - Monumentum

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Eleventh Key - EK19
Release Date: November 18, 2022

1. Orm Embar
2. Oblivion of Sand
3. The Disk
4. The Great Cortege Part 1: Accession of the Elder
5. The Great Cortege Part 2: Annointment of the Gift Child

Washington DC's Foehammer carve a monolithic slab of extreme doom on their second full length, MONUMENTUM. This hour-long plodding cavalcade writhes and undulates as if it were an ancient giant emerging from its subterranean lair. Serpentine guitar riffs ebb and flow between cascading waves of thick low-end din. This is colossal doom at its finest. Worship the almighty power chord at the altar of MONUMENTUM!

Monumentum consists of five planet-crushing compositions that skirt the line between death/doom, sludge, and drone. The band's slow-motion attack is so unrelentingly heavy, that it almost transcends the boundaries of heavy metal itself. However, Foehammer do not rely on sheer power alone. While their sound is monstrous, their songwriting is deft, intricately crafted, and peppered with bouts of high energy. This is music for people who revel in the fringes of extreme music. 

Monumentum was recorded January 2020 – June 2021 in Rockville MD, Baltimore MD, and Fairfax VA. Engineered and mixed by Ben Price (of At The Graves, Immiseration, Mast Year, etc)

Mastered by James Plotkin (of Old Lady Drivers, Scorn, Khanate) at Plotkinworks. 

Cover art by Rebecca Magar whose work appears on albums and promotional materials for Cultic, Ursprung, The Owls A.N.W.T.S., Tengger Calvary, Eternal Armageddon, Spellbook (formerly Witch Hazel), Book of Wyrms, Vormund, Layr, and more.