So Hideous

So Hideous


A brooding and inventive experimental rock outfit from New York City, So Hideous craft an evocative orchestral and cinematic sound loosely under the umbrella of post metal/post black metal. Founded in 2008 by guitarist Brandon Cruz, who cites influences like Arvo Pärt, Envy and Ennio Morricone, the band eventually solidified into a collective with the additions of Cruz's childhood friends Etienne Vazquez (guitar) and brother Chris Cruz (bass, vocals).

The band's unorthodox composition style, which typically begins with piano and orchestration, and then incorporates the more traditional bass, drums, and guitar model, was first showcased on a pair of self-produced EPs. The group's debut long-player, Last Poem/First Light, arrived in 2014, with their critically acclaimed sophomore full-length, Laurestine, arriving the following year.

In 2020, with a new album’s worth of music taking shape, the Cruz brothers and Vazquez brought bassist DJ Scully and drummer Michael Kadnar ( also in Downfall Of Gaia ) – the explosive rhythm section of The Number Twelve Looks Like You – into the ranks.

None But a Pure Heart Can Sing is a new and astonishing piece of work from this adventurous band. Still raging as hard as ever, still expressing the extremes of torment and beauty, the album sees So Hideous incorporate new sounds and rhythms into its approach.

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