Leylines Band Photo

Leylines is a 4 piece technical metal project featuring musicians from several notable bands in the death metal/hardcore music world.

The band features drummer Michael Ranne (Through The Eyes Of The Dead, ex My Bitter End, etc) Frontman Jonathan Carpenter (ex vocalist of The Contortionist, Notochord, Foreign Waves)and Guitarist Jesse Blanchette( Conforza, Graveborn).

Leylines can best be described as technical, chaotic, groove laden music utilizing a more non traditional approach to writing songs …they aim to blend off time signatures with heavy grooves, fast blasts, and thought provoking lyrics delivered with a blend of frantic screams, and ground shaking lows for fans of bands like Ion Dissonance, Carbomb, Frontierer, Humanity’s Last Breath, and Danza. They recently completed work on a self titled 6 song EP and are in near completion of a full length as well with plans to take their sound on the road/stage.

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