KILTER is a New York based, award-winning AVANT METAL-JAZZ trio, existing since 2018. Created and produced by the French bassist Laurent David, the band includes Kenny Grohowski on drums and Ed Rosenberg III on saxophones.

After the release of their Debut-EP, in December 2018, for which they received the Independent Music Award 2020 (in Jazz EP category), trio KILTER released “AXIOM” in February 2020 and “SYS” (2021)- dark and powerful music inspired by the unrelenting hustle and grind of New York City.

All Kilter musicians are internationally recognized and touring worldwide: Laurent David is known from SHIJIN, The Way Things Go, Guillaume Perret’s Electric Epic, Ibrahim Maalouf, Yael Naim; Ed Rosenberg III is known for bands like Jerseyband and Heart Of Barf, and holds a PhD in composition; Kenny Grohowski works regularly for John Zorn, Secret Chiefs 3, Imperial Triumphant, Felix Pastorius & The Hipster Assassins etc..

Currently the trio is working on the larger international production, the metal jazz opera (monodrama) “LA SUSPENDIDA” in collaboration with soprano Andromeda Anarchia, with SEVEN)SUNS string quartet, the Canadian GROWLERS CHOIR and with author and The Metropolitan Opera commentator William Berger, who wrote the libretto for this opera.