Cel Damage

Cel Damage


Built on a series of mistakes, a whirlwind of noisy wild and chaotic hardcore energy, hailing from the High Desert in California - Cel Damage takes a hold of the reins in a way where it somehow works.

Their show is something you don’t ever expect or will ever know what’s going to happen. This band never matches a bill, but in the best way possible. It’s a pleasant yet jarring surprise that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Being loosely compared to other acts, but never a carbon copy of a band prior. They have released a number of EPs, Singles, and a full length - and have ventured out on a handful of tours spanning the western states.

Cel Damage was started in 2014, by Riley Tews (Guitarist), Josh (Drummer) and Danny Mathews (Vocalist) - With the addition of Robert Cordova (Bassist) joining in 2021.

They have continued to adapt and evolve, leaving you to wonder what will come next. So don’t turn that dial.


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