Serving riffs to under-served communities since 2009

Aberrance is a Heavy Death Metal band from the small outskirt community of Paradise California - Forged by the unique music scene that the northern California region has to offer.

Originating as a group of friends with one simple goal : play shows with other pockets of passionate and like-minded musicians. Over the many years of growth and development, Aberrance's roots reach deep and are firmly planted across the pacific underground music coastline.

Jake, Nick, David, and Eduardo have peservered through many decorating hardships - including the loss of their homes, due to a massive wildfire - which decimated the towns of Paradise, Pulga and Concow killing 85 people - caused by the extreme negligence of the local utility company.

In partnership with Silent Pendulum Records, Aberrance is releasing their newest album "Son of Dirt" - which encapsulates many of the difficult challenges they faced, and the growth they've achieved by enduring it all.

They waded through literal fire, global pandemics, and personal hardships, but the Aberrance heart is still beating, stronger than ever before. Could World War 3 stop them? Probably!

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